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Feature request: Warn if "Error! Reference source not found." exists in Word document

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Jan 11, 2021 Jan 11, 2021

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We've all seen it before, probably dozens of times.  Fully executed documents that contain the dreaded "Error! Reference source not found." in the table of contents, and even worse buried deep within the document.


While fixing these errors in the table of contents usually just requires fully rebuilding the table, those in the rest of the document are usually more difficult to fix.


Regardless, there is no reason why anybody should be signing a document that has these errors in it.


This is a feature request for Adobe Sign to be smart enough to pick up that these errors exist in a document that is being sent for signature using the Adobe Sign add-in for Microsoft Word, and warn the user about them, giving the user the opportunity to go back to the document and fix the errors, rather than send out a document that - in all likelihood - didn't have them when they clicked on the "Send for signature", but were introduced as part of the process of converting it into PDF for signature, and which looks very unprofessional.

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