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Giving specific users the ability to generate Access Tokens

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Jun 07, 2021 Jun 07, 2021

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As part of my role, I send out bulk lots of personalised contracts that each have multiple signatories. The product that meets this need best is Gigasign (standard Adobe sign is one contract at a time, megasign allows many contracts but only one signatory per contract).


However, as a standard user, I was not able to generate the Access Token/Integration Key required to make Gigasign work. In the My Profile > Personal Preferences > Access Token screen, the (+) button was missing. I was able to make one in the Adobe Sign API > API Applications screen, however it was the wrong kind for Gigasign (Gigasign doesn't seem to support OAuth, needs legacy Integration Key). 


My admin has upgraded me to group administrator, and I am now able to generate Access Tokens/Integration Keys (along with a lot of other things). This is fine for me, our IT department know I won't cause trouble, but its not a solution that can be rolled out to our 50+ users who also need Gigasign's functionality. 


Is there a way of either:

  • Giving specific users the ability to make Access Tokens themselves, without them being Group Admins, or
  • Having admins create and allocate Access Tokens to specific users?

Thanks so much for your help,


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