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"Send up to 5 documents for signature for free every 30 days on a rolling basis."?

New Here ,
Sep 20, 2021 Sep 20, 2021

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When I try to send a document for signature, I receive an error that says "You are not authorized to send documents for signature."

Support chat:

** (9/20/21, 11:59:33 AM PDT): You are now connected to our documents specialist, Kumar to help you further. Please
give them a moment to review the chat conversation so far. **
You (9/20/21, 11:59:47 AM PDT): Hello Kumar!
Kumar (9/20/21, 12:00:13 PM PDT): Hello Joshua, I'd be happy to help you today, let me first pull up your account
information and access your details.
You (9/20/21, 12:04:02 PM PDT): Thanks.
Kumar (9/20/21, 12:06:28 PM PDT): Thank you for your patience. I understand that you are looking for adobe sign transaction with free account. I am looking into this for you.
You (9/20/21, 12:11:59 PM PDT): Yes, correct. When logged into Reader, it says I have 5 left, but when I try to send one I receive an error that says "You are not authorized to send documents for signature."
Kumar (9/20/21, 12:13:35 PM PDT): Okay, could you please try to login in link below and try to request for signature?
You (9/20/21, 12:15:36 PM PDT): When I try here, it prompts me to subscribe to the Adobe Acrobat PDF Pack. It does not allow me to continue.
You (9/20/21, 12:15:51 PM PDT): (I clicked on "Request Signatures".)
Kumar (9/20/21, 12:20:40 PM PDT): Okay, I am checking on this for you.
You (9/20/21, 12:43:05 PM PDT): Any progress?
Kumar (9/20/21, 12:45:04 PM PDT): It's 2 per month with free account.
You (9/20/21, 12:46:18 PM PDT): So do you know why it says "Send up to 5 documents for signature for free every 30 days on a rolling basis."?
Kumar (9/20/21, 12:53:08 PM PDT): I am checking in to this for you. Could you also check your adobe transaction history how many you have sent?
You (9/20/21, 12:54:41 PM PDT): It's possible that I sent one over 1 or 2 years ago, but definitely have not sent any in a very long time. I will look for the history.
You (9/20/21, 12:57:00 PM PDT): The last one which was sent for signature was November 2018.
Kumar (9/20/21, 1:02:56 PM PDT): Could you please setup free trial account and try to send out the document for signature?
You (9/20/21, 1:03:18 PM PDT): A new account with a different email address?
Kumar (9/20/21, 1:04:23 PM PDT): You should be able to setup trial account on this same account as I can see that trial has not been setup on this account.
You (9/20/21, 1:05:13 PM PDT): I do not want a trial account because it will only last 7 days and then it will start to charge my card.
Kumar (9/20/21, 1:05:55 PM PDT): You can setup trial account and cancel it before the billing date.
You (9/20/21, 1:06:13 PM PDT): I followed the instructions here: https://helpx.adobe.com/sign/using/create-adobe-signfree-account.html When I tried to register the account, it gave me an error that the email account already existed.
Kumar (9/20/21, 1:06:51 PM PDT): Let me connect you with service team and they will help you setup trial account.
** (9/20/21, 1:07:51 PM PDT): Connecting you with a specialist as soon as possible. **
** (9/20/21, 1:07:53 PM PDT): Hello. Afza is your support representative today, and is reviewing the chat conversation so far. If you need to share sensitive information, such as credit card number, please wait for them to give you steps to share it securely. **
Afza (9/20/21, 1:08:06 PM PDT): Hello, I’d be happy to help you today, let me first pull your account information and access your details.
You (9/20/21, 1:08:17 PM PDT): Something is not right. I should be able to "send up to 5 documents for signature for free every 30 days on a rolling basis". I do not want to set up a new trial and then have to cancel it...then I will not be able to use it anymore.
You (9/20/21, 1:08:27 PM PDT): Hello Afza.
You (9/20/21, 1:09:05 PM PDT): Are you able to view the previous conversation with your colleague?
Afza (9/20/21, 1:09:12 PM PDT): Thank you for your patience! I see that you have no active subscription with the registered email address, do you use any other email address to sign in to your active subscription?
You (9/20/21, 1:10:55 PM PDT): This is the email address I use to sign into Adobe Document Cloud and any other apps.
Afza (9/20/21, 1:11:41 PM PDT): Okay, please follow the steps mentioned in the below article. https://helpx.adobe.com/sign/using/create-adobe-sign-free-account.html
You (9/20/21, 1:15:48 PM PDT): Ok, done.
Afza (9/20/21, 1:16:44 PM PDT): Great, so were you able to send documents for signature?
You (9/20/21, 1:18:42 PM PDT): No, it requires that I upgrade to a paid plan. But in my Adobe Acrobat Reader when I click Send for Signature, there is a message that says "Send up to 5 documents for signature for free every 30 days on a rolling basis."
Afza (9/20/21, 1:20:24 PM PDT): Okay, Joshua. I request you to please post the query on our online community forum using the website - https://community.adobe.com/ . An Adobe expert will reply to your post at the earliest.
You (9/20/21, 1:21:00 PM PDT): So you are not able to access my account to make any correction?
Afza (9/20/21, 1:21:48 PM PDT): That is correct, I am from the billing department and would not be able to access your account for the correct.
You (9/20/21, 1:22:02 PM PDT): Ok, thank you.
Afza (9/20/21, 1:22:18 PM PDT): Happy to help. You may receive an email with a survey link. Please take a moment to
rate your experience and help us improve. Thanks!

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