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some questions about Adobe Sign

New Here ,
Jan 21, 2021 Jan 21, 2021

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Good afternoon!
Our company has plans to purchase an Adobe Sign subscribtion. So I have some questions in advance
I will appreciate your answers.
1) What will be in the properties of the certificates/e-signature?

2) Do your certificates/e-signatures have any validity limitations?
Some of our partners send us signed files, but Adobe Reader says about some problems when we open files. But it trusted.



3) Should all users create an account on your service? Or me (as admin) can issue certificates from my dashboard to users in our organization?

4) If we already have a SSL certificate for our website (from another CA) – can it bring us any problems with our request (certificates for docs sign)?

5) What will be if a manager signed the document, which will leave us In a few months, and we will delete his account? Will be a digital signature still valid for documents signed by him?

6) What will happen with signed docs if we will change your CA to personal PKI CA in a few years?

7) If one person signed a document, can another person add comments to the file before signing it?


8) Is it possible to use the same certificate for document encryption? (a document can be open only by allowed people)

9) Can we sign documents also from users' mobile devices? (tablets, mobile phones)

10) Can we have an option for some people to sign docs only if “hard” token/smart card present in the system



11) All certificates have the end of life. If the document was signed, this value would be updated automatically on the certificate renewal? Or it also means the end of sign validity?



12) What will happen with already signed docs if someone in our company will compromise his certificate or lost it, and we will need to do a revocation?

13) Do document validation procedure needs any other ports to be open in the firewall except 80/443 ?

14) can i use adobe e-signature in any other apps (MS Office)?

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