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Create water waves or ripples in Adobe Aero

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Sep 22, 2023 Sep 22, 2023

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Hola hola Adobe Aero community,


I am trying to create a wave/ripple movement for a 2d plane of an ocean. I cannot see way to do this that does not use deformers/modifiers. Since the adobe aero platform cannot yet include this type of animation, I am trying to think of ways around it. For example, creating a skeleton and moving the armature of a plane to create waves on the ocean water. A png sequence is 2d - which i could do - but I wanted it to be a 3d movement. Any thoughts? I am using blender. 


For context, I am creating a 3d version of this painting Goddess on the Water. This is one of my oil paintings from the Goddess Series. Here is where I am at so far. I created the 3d shapes in the occulus with Gravity sketch. Then took them to blender for uv mapping and animation. Now I am working on the background. I still have to create her - so far I just made the plants. 




The photo of the painting is below - open the aero file with your phone to see the AR 🙂 Any ideas are welcome! Thank you. 


Christinalewisvizcarrondo_bonesy_goddessofthewaterLR.jpgGoddessontheWaterAR QR Code.png

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