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New Here ,
Aug 06, 2018 Aug 06, 2018

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I am a new aspiring content creator and i am having problems with color spaces and color profiles and none of the tutorials from YouTube or Forums i have read are able to solve my problems, first it was with photoshop, i would of edit my photo be happy about it and all of a sudden BUM when i exported it to my iPhone 7 plus via Dropbox it was more saturated than on my computer screen and started to change color profiles to Srgb and all that, looking for YouTube videos etc, then i dowloaded lightroom and still with the same problem and also tried to find solutions via internet and changed everything and thinks where still different and at last i didnt realize premiere pro colors where affected to, i edited a video with presets and tweaking it a little bit and when i export it, it still has a different color. So i ask people on Instagram what they did and some told me to calibrate your monitor and so i decided to do that also, as i expected it didnt change a thing. so i am here for any solutions people can bring and please HELP this is basically something i like to do alot and i dont want to be unmotivated.  please HELP

MY Laptop is a

Dell inspiron 15 700

Windows 10

Intel(r) Core(tm) i7-7700hq cpu @ 2,80Ghz 2801 MHz

1 TB HDD (no ssd in it but there is an availble ssd slot)


The place i want to export my images and videos to

IPhone 7 plus



yeap and i am a 16 years old trying to figure out if content creation is what suits me






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