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Adobe Express File Sharing Issue - Admin Unable to Receive Shared Files From User Rim

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Jun 12, 2024 Jun 12, 2024

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Dear Adobe Support, I am an admin for my organization's Adobe Express account and I am experiencing a recurring issue with file sharing. One of our users, User Rim, has attempted to share an Adobe Express file with me on multiple occasions. However, User Rim receives an error message stating that the admin already has access to the file, even though I have not received any shared invitation. This prevents me from accessing the shared file. When User Rim attempts to share the file, they do not see any indication that I already have access. Other users in our organization are able to share files with me normally, and I receive the appropriate invitations. This issue seems to be isolated to User Rim attempting to share with me. I have already taken the following troubleshooting steps: Checked the admin console sharing settings to ensure there are no restrictions preventing users from sharing with administrators. Revoked User Rim's access and granted it again, but the problem persists. Could you please investigate this issue and provide assistance or advice on how to resolve it? I would be happy to provide any additional information that may be helpful in troubleshooting this problem. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Sincerely, Imad
Bug Unresolved
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