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Duplicate file not applying edited color schemes

Community Beginner ,
May 02, 2024 May 02, 2024

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I have a resume template that I edited. Let's call this Template A. I changed all the text and changed the color scheme as well as layout details and layer details. I'll call this Resume A. I duplicated Resume A [going to adobe.assets.com and from the 3 dot menu on the file ->  duplicate] and renamed it so I could edit it for different jobs. I made my edits on that duplicate, we can call this Resume B, which included text and color scheme changes.


So now I have:

Resume A (my first edit)

Resume B (duplicate of Resume A with different edits)


When I opened Resume B days later, all of my text and layout changes were saved but my color scheme remained the same as Resume A and I had to redo the color scheme work. The color scheme of Resume B stays the same as Resume A (not Template A) even after editing and saving. After redoing the work it again didn't save the color scheme when I went back to work on it. It is currently not saving the color scheme correctly in this situation. I'm assuming it's because I'm duplicating and making edits but I don't know for sure.


If there's something I'm missing please let me know.


Hope this gets checked out, thanks.

Bug Unresolved
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