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Lots of User Issues with Photo/Graphic Creating

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Jan 10, 2024 Jan 10, 2024

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When you’re selecting colors, there isn’t a “recently used” section. So you get the color correct on one part of the text, and then have to try and match the color AGAIN, instead of just being able to select that shade from the color you just chose No way to add a layer? Not a page, but just a layer Not great editing ability for editors. When you have multiple photos all overlaid, it’s impossible to select one of them because the largest one will automatically get selected. When you select the layer off to the side, that should be the photo you are able to move. Any time I change text that has a shadow affect applied, it will change my shadow from “strong” or whatever setting I chose and make it a “custom” one instead for no reason No way to rearrange photos behind an overlay, you must remove the overlay to do so. Being able to select the layer you’re on would be helpful for this. When sizing and rotating images, the “snap” feature is annoying and reduces the ability to be precise with editing Can’t zoom out to look at your graphic from far away. As soon as you click on something in the photo again, it zooms way back in automatically. Centering function is not clear about where it’s centering to. What do all the lines mean, because they will indicate you’re centered but the subject is clearly off center. Reduce the amount of lines that pop up. It’s not editing friendly. When resizing a graphic, I wish it would just add the extra space to the bottom. The extra space is distributed evenly which means you then have to resize and replace all your text and photos multiple times. If extra space was just added to the bottom, you could continue editing as normal.
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