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You cannot cancel your Adobe subscription. It's impossible!

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Jan 31, 2024 Jan 31, 2024

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I had a traumatic experience with Adobe while I was trying to cancel my subscription. It felt like I was held prisoner. I went through the website and discovered there is no feature that allows users to cancel or pause subscriptions. So I then opted to go into the chat feature which surprisingly for a tech company, is very primitive and is still in learning mode. So I decided to request a live chat with an actual person to get me out of my subscription. I went back and forth with three different assistants for most of my day, all three of them claiming to offer me deals that I knew were not deals. I was offered a free month's service (which I knew I already had), but they would not address my request to cancel the subscription or even acknowledge it, it was an ordeal for me. When I start demanding the cancellation and asking that they even email me to confirm the cancellation they suddenly disappear from chat (I can't make this up). By the time I got to the third chat assistant I eventually started threatening him telling him that I had screenshots of our conversation and that I demanded to be 'released from this prison', he finally succumbed to the pressure. It was the most frustrating experience I have ever had to deal with. My reason for canceling my subscription was that I currently cannot afford to have the service, and the fact that I kept saying it but was ignored is insane! I initially just wanted to pause my subscription if possible, but the way I am so turned off by Adobe service I don't think I could ever get myself into this situation again!







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