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add tools to have more control on the design

Community Beginner ,
May 12, 2023 May 12, 2023

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Hi, I would like to have more control, with technical language and specific prompts for composition, plastic and capture artistic decisions, such as:

1) Composition: ability to chose from a defined set of known and proved artistic choises: rule of thirds, simetric, centerweight, golden ratio, 1/3 horizon (top or low), etc. There aren't so many, and it would improve a lot the final result to what we try to achieve.

2) Plastic Weight: Definining the object(s), and background. This way firefly will know exactly what we mean by main object vs secondary or third important items in the picture, by locking them to the 3 main plastic weight options (maybe even keeping it simple: foreground, background objects, as long as they are spelled exactly the same in the prompt, it should be easy to link one to another. If left empty, then its up to Firefly to chose.

3) Camera options: Taking it straight from the already applied language in 3D software, import the chance to chose between settings for:

- Camera: Film / Digital

- Lens: 8mm, 14mm, 24mm, 50, etc.

- Aperture: It will help defining the depth of field and also the "key" of the picture (brighter / darker)

- Shutter Speed: Same, it will provide the effect to taking a real photo, slow shutter vs fast.

- White Balance: control over how the picture looks: warm vs cool.

 Again, people can leave these in blank and Firefly will take control, but it would be nice to keep these settings on a side, and use the prompt only for the artistic idea, same as when we create original content, wether it is drawn, designed, or captured.


Thank you!

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