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Firefly Audition

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Feb 10, 2024 Feb 10, 2024

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There is something mesmerizing about looking at sound. Audition has always captivated my imagination as I peered over sound waves in modes like Spectral and Phase.




With the advent of Firefly and watching our imagination come to life, I can't help but wonder what it would be capable of if it were guided by the data found in Audition. 




Could we witness a new and immersive marriage of the two? Watching as a song played and the colors of phase swirled and twisted around us, as the spectral readouts came to life in an audio filled landscape generated with the visual splendor of Firefly guiding its flightpath from angles and views never witnessed.




Or could we find ways in which Firefly can help us to see and visualize sound in ways that exceed the borders of audio-visuals once dreamed of in the land of Geiss and milk drop? Sending us down wormholes and maelstroms of color guided by sound.




The potential of letting Firefly taking seeds of sound waves are hard to fathom, but the spectrum of frequencies hold an untapped myriad of influential data. Data that Firefly could use and show us what its like to watch a Bass wobble bubble itself through a stream of lava, or snare drums and symbols crashing like waves of water on a spectral sea. 



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Audio and video , Design , Desktop , Imaging , Mobile






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