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Generative AI signatures and metadata may. be an NFT style key.

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Jan 24, 2024 Jan 24, 2024

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This concept of AI image verification and signature involves tracking the ownership and origin of images generated by AI, akin to the principles used in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Here's how such a system could work:

  1. AI Image Tagging: Each AI-generated image gets tagged with a unique AI mark embedded in its metadata. This tag identifies the image as AI-generated.

  2. Ownership and Origin Tracking: The metadata includes information about the original creator of the image (the person who provided the prompt), the platform or tool where the image was generated, and the original prompt used.

  3. NFT-Like Metadata: Upon opening the image in an application like Photoshop, the metadata could be updated to include an NFT-like key. This key would serve as a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership.

  4. Transfer and Identity Addition: When an image is transferred or shared, the new owner's identity can be added to the file's metadata. This creates a chain of ownership, allowing anyone to trace the image's history back to its original creation.

  5. Copyright and Source Tracing: This system could aid in copyright management by enabling generative AI tools to read the metadata and trace the image's original source and the path of its creation.

  6. Path of Generation: The metadata would not only show the original creation but also document the entire journey of the image – from its first generation to its current state, including any modifications or enhancements made along the way.

  7. Privacy and Security Considerations: Implementing such a system would require careful consideration of privacy and security issues, ensuring that users' data is protected while maintaining the integrity and traceability of the image's origins.

This approach could significantly enhance the accountability and transparency of AI-generated images, providing a robust solution for managing digital art ownership and copyright in the AI era.

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