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Prompt credit for making prompt templates

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Jan 24, 2024 Jan 24, 2024

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idea involves a credit system for generating and using prompt templates in a community-driven platform. Here's a breakdown of how it could work:

  1. Credit for Template Creation: Users who create prompt templates and submit them to the community board earn credits. If another user uses their prompt with minimal changes, the original creator receives some credits back.

  2. Accumulative Credit System: Credits might not be returned instantly. Instead, they could accumulate over time, potentially being tallied and awarded at the end of each month.

  3. Partial Credit Return: The credit return wouldn't be the full amount; it could be a fraction, like half or a quarter of a credit. For example, every four uses of a template might result in one full credit returned to the original creator.

  4. Incentive for Template Sharing: This system would incentivize users to create and share more prompt templates, enriching the community’s resources.

  5. Restrictions on New Template Creation from Existing Ones: If a user utilizes a prompt template, they cannot create a new template from it unless they make significant changes. This includes completely altering the text or using a new reference image, even if it's derived from another prompt.

  6. Popularity and Category Sorting: The AI would sort templates by popularity and category. Categories would be determined based on keywords in the prompt and the content of the generated images.

  7. Image Analysis for Category Alignment: The AI would analyze images to ensure they align with the appropriate categories, confirming that the content of the image matches the category it's assigned to.

This system encourages active participation and creativity within the community while ensuring that users are rewarded for their contributions. It also maintains the quality and diversity of the prompt templates available.

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