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Jul 03, 2023 Jul 03, 2023

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Dear Beta,

I hope this email finds your team well.  I am a regular vistor at your website. I would like to make few suggestions regarding the website.

After using Adobe Firefly(Beta) for months. I would like to share some suggestions. This would allow visitors feel more comfortable. I would like to suggest a search engine. I personally suffer searching images. It's really hard to scroll page all way down and same time keep your eyes rolling all over the page. I really don't like displaying prompts at the top of images. This is intimidating for those who don't feel themself a good writer and can be judged by grammar mistakes ( specially for English language).

Furthermore, Could you please make us happy by showing our name on images. It excites user to find their own name on main page

I understand that implementing such features would require time and resources, but I genuinely believe it would contribute to the overall success.


Thank you for your attention. 

Yours sincerely, Adobe forever lover


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