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Fonts Coming and Going from Microsoft Word

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Nov 22, 2020 Nov 22, 2020

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I have four fonts active with Creative Cloud. I've been using them both on my web site and in documents like Photoshop files and Micrsoft Word documents. This has worked great for years. Then I had a hard drive crash.


No problem, load up Creative Cloud, reactivate the fonts, and ... all heck breaks out. While the fonts show fine in Photoshop and Illustrator and Acrobat, they don't show up in Word. Or they kind of do.


I have a Word doc with three fonts in it. Sometimes one font shows up correctly, the others are replaced with what looks like Times New Roman. Then I do troubleshooting (see below) and a different one shows up and the other two are wrong. Sometimes they show in the Word font menu, sometimes they don't, and sometimes they show in the menu but the font is wrong (replaced with Times). A PDF created from this file a month ago looks perfect in whatever tool I use. But MS Word is completely random.


I have tried literally everything. Deactivated and reactivated the fonts. Cleared the font caches, checked Font Book (on Mac OSX Catalina) for duplicates, deleted the ATSUtil databases, logged out of CC and back in, rebooted at least 30 times, done everything MSFT says to do, and on and on.


It's completely random, each time I reboot and open Word, it's a new suprise, what fonts will it have this time?!


I've talked to Adobe support, they were useless and promised a call back (yeah, right). But nothing.


Any help?






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