Fonts not syncing within Photoshop, etc. What CC App/Web say active is not what software shows

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Jul 22, 2020 Jul 22, 2020

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Recieved the latest update this morning. Standard issue of lost all fonts within the Apps (Photoshop, etc). Usual fix of signing out of the CC Main app and back in to resync fonts didnt work. 


Under "manage fonts" it shows 300+ fonts as active but when it loads the pop up says "51 fonts activated, 250 deactivated" Now this is despite botht Web interface and CC App showing all 300+ as active. Open, say Photoshop and only a handful show up as active, many that are not active with in the CC App. 


There is a disconnect somewhere. I have rebooted computer, signed out and back into the CC App, the Font web interface, everything. I have attemped deactivating and reactivating a Font. It shows up in the CC App but will not push out to the actual Software such as Photoshop. Yet my Adobe Libraries, etc all show up fine. I am dead in the water here. 







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