I can never edit files that use activated fonts offline - is this a Windows 10 only thing?

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Apr 11, 2022 Apr 11, 2022

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So I'm not sure if this is something that everyone deals with but doesn't see a problem with it, or if it's Windows 10 specific, but please hear me out because I see this as a huge potential issue.


On my Windows 10 machine, if I start up my computer offline and open, for example, an InDesign file that uses an activated font from Adobe fonts, the program will ask me to go online to find the fonts through Adobe fonts or choose a substitution. This is easy to fix if I can connect to the internet - just open CC and everything goes back to normal. However, if I can't connect because I'm on a plane or whatever reason, I am stuck and cannot edit my files without substituting the font.

This happens every single time I start my machine offline even if I was just online 10 minutes before and editing the same file (ie the fonts are definitely active).


I have been told by Adobe help that this is normal and that active fonts are never available offline from startup (but that you can open CC online and then go offline without problems.) Now my issue with this is that, as far as I can tell, other people (mostly Mac users) do not face this issue. There is some kind of leeway where if you restart your computer offline, InDesign/Illustrator will still be able to recognise that your fonts were active before you turned off your computer (as long as it wasn't more than 30 days ago) and therefore you can continue to work on your files offline without a problem.


So I am wanting to know if this is an issue that only Windows 10 users face or if everybody faces it, and if everybody does have this issue, why there isn't a huge uproar about it? It's surely not unfathomable that you will at some stage need to start up you computer offline to work a file. (for example on a plane, remote location or just when the internet is having issues. Imagine the problems this could cause if you're caught by surprise without internet.)


I would really like to get to the bottom of this so it would be great if, if you have the time, you could test if this is an issue for you. Start up/retart your computer offline (ie don't let CC connect online from the start) and open a file which has an active font in use. Are you able to continue editing the file without going online/making a font substitution and what platform are you on?


Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post. I'm just completely baffled by the fact that Adobe would create a situation where I'm unable to work on my own files when I need to.








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