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TypeKit Font Inconsistent Behavior

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Nov 18, 2018 Nov 18, 2018

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We have TypeKit on both Windows 10 and Windows 7 workstations.  Our prime application is publishing online courses which embed the fonts by encoding them in Base64. Normally everything is fine.

We are not sure what happens but we believe after getting an unsolicited "you must login to Creative Cloud" (when did we log out?).  TypeKit fonts display properly in all applications but will not display at all in courses published via the Base64 encoding.

Uninstalling, rebooting, and chanting latin phrases by moonlight fixed the issue for a couple of months.

Now, after another unsolicited "you must login to Creative Cloud" (We never logged out) it's baaaaaack. Can't publish courses that render Adobe TypeKit but yes, they look fine on desktop applications.

This time, no amount of chanting, rebooting, uninstalling, and reinstalling have corrected the issue on Windows 7 and we have a wary eye on Windows 10.

My guess is Adobe does some further security testing that is catching the encoding and filling it with garbage.

Any suggestion on how to resolve this problem appreciated.







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