UX Issues & Finding Unlicensed Fonts

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Oct 02, 2019 Oct 02, 2019

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Hi there,


I was drawn to the typeface Windsor after reading a review here: https://fontreviewjournal.com/windsor/


I searched, "Windsor" to no results. I searched, "Eleisha Pechey" to no results. I noticed I spelt, "Eleisha Pechey" as 'Eleisha Pechy' by accident. That's when I became frustrated and had two UX suggestions,


(1) Your search bar /erases/ by previous search so that I have to re-type it again or copy and past from the "Showing results for ‘Eleisha Pechey’" part. But more importantly,


(2) This would need to work in harmony with engineering, but would you be able to offer helpful suggestions based on this font? If you do not have a license for this font, would it not be helpful to encourage other fonts that I can use on your service? It's like how Netflix shows, "Suggested Titles" when you search for a movie they don't have license to. This would be incredibly helpful in the design process since a lot of our work relies on having hosted fonts.


Thank you!







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