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Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017

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I have a series of short (~1 minute) flat 2D motion graphics projects.  My workflow is usually an effortless compose in AE, then send off to AME for H264 render into .mp4 format.   Just recently (as of about 2 days ago), I've started having unexplained fails in exports.  AME begins the timeline, gets anywhere from :10 seconds to :40 seconds finished with that timeline, then aborts the export.  No warning, no error code.   It's not doing it all of the time, and I really can't see a distinguishable difference between the files it will and won't render.   I don't see any pattern so far to when it will or won't fail (except that it seems to be more often on the projects with shortest deadlines!)

My animations are all flat 2D, so there's no conflicts with ray tracing or other playback engines.  There are no processor-heavy effects, motion blurs, or other intensive layering.  I have minimal nested layers, pre-comps are all neatly trimmed only to the places they're visible.  In short, a simple project that normally gives me no problems.   I have plenty of RAM for this level of project, I've tried it on 2 different computers.  I've tried quitting and relaunching AE, AME, even a whole system restart between attempts and it hasn't stopped this behavior.  My workaround in the moment has been to use the AE render queue, which I can't see an H264 mp4 export option (have been using the H264 codec, but it exports as a large .mov file).  Then I take that .mov file and have AME switch it to .mp4 format.  (this is a web destination project, so I need the smaller file size)   A huge waste of my time, waiting around for AE to render thru everything and stopping my workflow instead of having AME work in the background. 

Really frustrating, and I'd like Adobe to fix this ASAP.  Any suggestions what's going on, how to get this to work?







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