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AME/Premiere 2021 - Encoding Gets Stuck On Simple Text

New Here ,
Mar 30, 2021 Mar 30, 2021

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Hello everyone,


I've been encoding vidoes for youtube, using the H.264 Youtube 4k option in Premiere, and queuing to AME.  The start of my video includes some heavy lifting MOGRTS, 13 seconds of which takes about an hour to render/encode.  My machine powers through the intro in an hour, and then begins working on the basic video cut together with text/image overlays.


This is a snap of the intro title screen that takes a while to render:

Encoding Help Premiere Title Screenie.jpg


Then the AME encoder gets to this part of the video just fine:

Encoding Help Premiere BeforeText Screenie.jpg


But freezes while trying to render basic text with a drop shadow:

Encoding Help Premiere WithText Screenie.jpg


In AME, the encoding process seems to freeze entirely (the Elapsed and Remaining times are static, and no progress seems to be made):

Encoding Help AME Screenie.jpg


I am relatively new to exporting using the Premiere Queue -> AME feature, I ususally just export in Premiere and wait for it to finish.


I have replicated this problem three times now (with the same project, restarting the export process each time) and it gets stuck at around 50min - 1hr10min but as you can see, the frame in the preview is stuck right before the text appears in the timeline in Premiere.


Thanks in advance for any help or guidance!

Tyler (Howdoudoaspace)

Export or render , Freeze or hang






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