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AME renders first second of output low quality

New Here ,
Apr 09, 2018 Apr 09, 2018

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I have a 5 second clip which I am exporting from After Effects into AME, using default source high bitrate settings. After testing many times I realise that AME renders the first second of the sequence blurry (I am not able to show my footage so I have grabbed a stock image off pexels to demonstrate.)

Ignore the black bars, they are just because I used snipping tool to grab the screenshot.

1st Second of Export

After 1st Second of Export

If it isn't obvious enough, the first image is grainy in the skies while the second is crisp.

I've tried with other footage and still images, and even moved the work area in after effects to start from 2 seconds and end at 7, but the 1st second graininess still appears.

Is there any workaround I could try to fix the render quality?






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