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Anyone else experiencing export errors(h.264) these past months? Selector: 9 Error code: 3

New Here ,
Jan 05, 2021 Jan 05, 2021

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Hey guys, it's getting really frustrating.

I'm getting random export errors with the code:

(media encoder)

Component: H.264 of type Exporter

Selector: 9

Error code: 3

I've been looking for a solution for months. And no, changing the renderer to "software only" is not a fix - don't get me started on that.

These render errors are kinda random. I've tried exporting the same sequence several times and it sometimes succeeded and sometimes failed with that error code. I've checked where it failed, and the timestamps are really random, sometimes at the beginning, sometimes and the end or on clips where are there no effects applied.

Has someone experienced the same? Can someone help me? Seems like in these threads they just tell you to use software encoding and that's not the solution. 

My specs:

Win10 Pro

Latest premiere, 14.7

Intel i9-10900k

GeForce RTX Quadro 4000


Footage files are on SSD, also tried exporting to HDD, moved the files to the HDD and exported to SSD.

I've also installed Windows 10 completely fresh, where I've formatted C:

I hope someone can help 😕

Error or problem , Export or render






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