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Colored Pixilations boxes in a thin line across my video frame

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Jul 20, 2018 Jul 20, 2018

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COLOR BAR NOISE WHY??.pngHello Adobe Support, I am a Creative Cloud member for several years since 2014 and have just recently encountered strange colored pixilations across on frame of my Premier Pro CC 2014 video files that I send to Adobe Media Encoder 2014.2 for conversion. I have used Media Encoder for years to process my Premier video and just recently (random) video clips will have this issue when Media Encoder is finished with them. The issue never happens on the same clip twice (if I re-send it to Media Encoder again) and it does not always happen at all: just every once in a while (with the very same footage being sent to Media Encoder) does this issue appear so there seems to be no common link to look for clues as to why this happening? The video files are pure as they come directly from Premier Pro CC to Media Encoder and even when the issue happens on one encoding, if I run it through again it never is there the second time...but it may appear in another part of the video file....Please help...The colored ban area in the image appears seemingly at will or not at all on any successive Premier Pro CC 2014 to Media Encoder 2014.2 encoding; and when the same sequences are sent more than once (if that colored ban appears at all) it may be in a completely different scene/clip...so there is nothing inherently wrong with any one clip or the entire range of clips it seems...Any suggestions as to what it may be, what is causing it....how to control it at all? I send my video to VIMEO and they have done what they can to help and nothing helped so they directed me to this forum because the issue above is happening at the Media Encoder level; not VIMEO...

VIMEO thought a "graphics card" or "system" problem(?) or "file corruption"...but like I said: the same files that are affected once are not affected at all in other times I sent to Media Encoder...always using the same Premier sequence/clips/settings both in Premier and Media Encoder...and it never happened until a couple months ago with the same type of edits I've been sending to Media Encoder for 4 years; with the same settings all-around for 4 years...and nothing ever appeared like this.

Any help would be most appreciated. And thank you for taking your time in assistance.

with best wishes,







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