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Jan 26, 2017 Jan 26, 2017

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Hello all,

I'm attempting to set up a dedicated export machine in my company's new office. This machine is an HP Z620 (running Windows 10) and will rely on AME's watch folders in order to pull projects export. The files being pulled exist on a network server with there being watch folders for each editor. The editors will put their completed projects in their respective watch folders, which would then allow for AME to pull and export out their projects.

Now, the issue I'm running into with this is the fact that the company runs off of Macs (currently iMacs, not my personal choice, but our CEOs) for editing, thus making the file path to the project and every other associated file completely different than what it would be on Windows. Because of this, early tests of this system yielded the red "Media Offline" screen during the watch folder's export, obviously because of the varying file paths.

My question then is how could this issue be remedied or is there a workaround we could use to get this system to work? We would prefer not to buy a new Mac based machine as that would get extremely expensive and the Z620 is already in our possession. In addition, a Hackintosh setup is nearly impossible with the Z620's hardware not being compatible. I've thought of the potential of scripts to adjust file paths, but Premiere's .prproj extension seems to just be binary code, making it nearly impossible (with my limited knowledge) to alter.

Are there any scripts or pieces of software in existence that would remedy this situation? Thank you in advance; I hope I've explained this in a way that makes sense.







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