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Encode Audio Tracks for Video in Media Encoder or in Audition First?

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Mar 03, 2017 Mar 03, 2017

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I have audio that I captured from a 1990 VHS concert of a group I was in. First, I made a copy of the 32-bit (float)/48kHz raw file. I then performed the cleanup and editing in Audition CS6 (with no alteration of the file length), saving the finished, master file as 24-bit/48kHz. In Premiere Pro CS6, I imported the video file (and its raw audio track), along with the edited audio file into the sequence. After syncing the edited audio with the video's original audio, I unlinked the video and audio, deleted the original audio, then replaced and linked the new audio to the video as Audio 1.

The video is going to have several destinations, i.e., YouTube and Vimeo, DVDs, and possibly Blu-ray (yes, I know there's the issue with SD). Here's my question:

Based upon the destination, should I perform all of the audio encoding in Audition first, then import into Premiere before exporting from Media Encoder? In a nutshell, I wish to export a video with audio in Dolby Digital (ac3), one in MPEG II (384 kbps), one in AAC (320 kbps), and one in uncompressed .wav format. Should I do all of the encoding in Audition first, or can I let Media Encoder do it all? Note: When exporting LPCM from Media Encoder, it only exports as 16-bit/48kHz. Does Encoder add dither to the 24-bit file, or do I need to add it first using Audition?

Any and all comments, tips, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.







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