Fix this Media Encoder common error !!!! ( Render won't finish )

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Dec 15, 2018 Dec 15, 2018

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Excuse me Adobe developers you gotta give me a solution for this problem right now !!

I've finished my animation project with Character Animator and now I want to render it in Media Encoder so I opened media encoder and opened my project via Dynamic Link and every time I render my project , rendering glitches  for no reason which means Render Loading stuck when it's about to finish , every time render stuck when It's about to finish .

I've been a week waiting every single day for 9 hours hoping my project will be rendered but nothing and you always blame us and our devices and you never blame your products . You gotta fix this glitches ( Render stuck ) now it's common to everyone , It's common to everyone !!!!

Guys can you please give me a solution don't tell me to render by AE because it takes forever and when I check my project size , AE gives it like 7GB or more and my project is like 160 MB . Solution please !!

My project take 4:10 Hours to be rendered in AME and I render it in   H.264

I updated my whole pc and all adobe products and restart my laptop and everything give me a solution !!!

Also I tried all formats such as quicktime and others and still same problem







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