How to create a ProRes 422 6k to 4k UHD Ingest Preset for use in PR CC 2018

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Feb 24, 2018 Feb 24, 2018

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Inside Premiere Pro C 2018 on my iMac PRO I would like to do the following:

Create and add and Ingest Preset from the Project Settings Dialog box.  My understanding is I need to create this preset in ME and then import it into PR.

My source files are CinemaDNG 5760x3240

I want to create an Ingest Preset for PR that will allow me to convert the source files to 3840x2160 ProRes 422.  Essentially it's a large proxie to work with.

Where I've been hitting a wall for the last 2-3 hours is I cannot find a way in ME to create anything ProRes.

Hopefully I'm describing this correctly and I have definitely searched YouTube, Adobe and other sources top to bottom.  I'm not lazy... bleary eyed at the moment but not lazy.

What am I missing other than experience with ME?  Answers or pointing me to a better resource would be appreciated very much.

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