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how to not make duplicate proxies

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Apr 26, 2018 Apr 26, 2018

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I need help.  I'm making proxies for my 4k footage that I imported into Premiere Pro and so it opened up Media Encoder to make the proxies based on my ingest settings.  However it kept crashing so I re-imported the footage two times to restart the encoding proxies process (this was not a good idea as I'll explain later).  I have stopped doing that.

So now I'm in media encoder and it is taking its sweet time making these proxies, but there is 3 of every clip and they appear to be in random order.  I have gone through multiple times and deleted the duplicates from the queue, but every time media encoder opens back up the duplicates are there.  I just want to set it so it won't make duplicate proxies.  Right now it's making two or three by putting "Proxy_1" or "Proxy_2" at the end of the file name.  The only setting I found to change was how the duplicate proxies are named, I can't find how to prevent media encoder from making duplicate proxies in the first place.  Please help this is driving me crazy, as I think I am making progress only to check and see the same 30 clips getting duplicated over and over. 


It keeps making duplicate proxies for files that I have only imported once.  I just want to know if there is a setting to be like "stop making duplicate proxies please adobe media encoder I want to love you but you make it so hard sometimes".







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