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Jerky playback loop of .mp4 after being converted from .avi

New Here ,
Mar 24, 2020 Mar 24, 2020

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Hi, I was wonder if anyone would be able to help with a small problem I'm having with an animation with a jerky playback once its converted from an .avi to an .mp4 (Sorry if this is a silly question, havent used mediaencoder before)


I have a 360 degree character turntable animation that was rendered as 199 frames at 24fps and saved out as jpegs.  I put the files into After effects as an image sequence and exported it as an 8 second .avi file at 24fps.   When I play the high res .avi, the turntable works fine and has a nice smooth motion which loops back to the first frame nicely for a continuous turn.  However the file was 700mb and I needed to convert it to an .mp4 to use on the web.  


When I put the .avi version into Mediaencoder and render out a .mp4 version everything looks fine and the turntable works well however on the last second I get a weird jerk in the playback before it loops into the first frame again (if that makes sence).  It didn't happen in the .avi file so I was wondering if I'm doing anything wrong in the render export settings of Mediaencoder and hope someone might be able to tell from my settings in the picture?


Screenshot (374).png


Export or render , Formats , How to






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