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Maximum Frame Size exporting from AME - 30k x 8,192?

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Feb 07, 2017 Feb 07, 2017

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I have a specific client request to export an opening logo animation at 15,360 x 8,640.

Although I cannot imagine 15k would show a difference to the naked eye when compared to 5k or even 8k, (which will in the end depend upon the projector they are using which I do not have the specs on) the client requested this format because it is being projected at an event.

It appears as thought AME on all the codecs including QuickTime Animation, QuickTime Uncompressed, and a few others do not allow the Height of the frame to exceed 8,192 pixels.

Odd as the maximum Width of the frame can go all the way up until 30,000 pixels!

Ae rendering saves the day once again and allows me to export at the 15,360 x 8,640 which the client requested, but I am curious if anyone has encountered a work around when exporting large format files or if there is a spec sheet somewhere detailing the maximum frame size for various AME codecs?








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