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Media Encoder CC does not render audio effects from Premiere sequence.

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Sep 28, 2018 Sep 28, 2018

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I am a freelancer using a client's computer. They have CC2018, 12.1.1, Build 10 installed on the system.

I added 2 audio effects (Bass and Adaptive Noise Reduction) to the sequence's audio. When I rendered this in Media Encoder, the audio was in the encoded video but the audio effects were not there.

I encoded a small portion of the sequence directly from Premiere and then the audio effects were there.

I looked for a way to render just the audio in Premiere but don't see how to do that. I realize I could render and replace or send to Audition and encode it but I need to edit multiple hours of meetings and that would take too long. My thinking was this: render audio in Premiere, then check the "Use Previews" box before sending to AME. I would, of course, prefer not to do this step either.

Any ideas?






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