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Media encoder fail

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Dec 11, 2016 Dec 11, 2016

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I'm working on 4k video on adobe premiere pro.

I send h265 1920x1080 video to people I work with.

Since a few hours, AME doesn't transcode my project until the end. It stop each time at a different moment. In the queue appears a yellow triangle. It just says "échec" in french ("failure"). With the following message "Error Compiling Movie / GPU rendering mistake".

The problem has appeared after I duplicate my timeline for edit a new version of it, I add a lumetri effect, I zoom on some shots, and I add a logo in .tiff at the end.

Exporting a small part of my timeline work if I don't click on my mouse (to go back to PPro in background-because AME is in foreground) during the export. (On the full timeline export, it doesn't work even if I don't click on my mouse)

I exported previous versions of the full video this morning and it works well.

I add a lumetri effect on an adjustment layer. First I used LUT but in the preview playback a saw that video stayed flat. So I 've removed LUT and tweak settings in lumetri. (Just read that the LUT probleme can be solved by add my LUT to the media encoder folder).

When I disable this adjustement layer track, AME export the full video without problem.

Exporting directly from premiere pro (with lumetri color correction) fails.

All my Adobe software are 2015.4, windows 10.

Tell me what you think.






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