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Jun 03, 2022 Jun 03, 2022

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Hey everyone,


So, I'm working on this interview with a multicam setting. Once I am done editing, I'm trying to export the project and then, Media encoder (or Premiere for that matter) will start preparing a lot of audio tracks that do not even exist and it goes on forever, like 15 or 20 minutes. Doesn't matter if the whole timeline is exporting or only a few seconds, it will always do that and the same happened with previous multicam sequences.




As you can see, it is preparing 20 Audio files. But the thing is, I'm only using 2 ZOOM files and a few transition sounds, all of it set on 3 audio tracks.Capture 2.PNG


I've looked into multiple troubleshooting options, none of them worked. Does anyone have come up with this problem and solved it?

I'm currently running on Premiere Pro 22.4, Media encoder 22.4. My PC is admittedly a bit old: intel(R) Core i5-4460 CPU Quadcore @3.20GHz, 12Go RAM DDR3 and a GTX 1070 but I've exported denser projects with motion design without such a problem.


Thanks for your help!

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