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Media encoder update: the latest adobe misstep

Community Beginner ,
Jun 09, 2022 Jun 09, 2022

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There's a time when you know a company just doesn't get it.

The latest update has clealry shown us that Adobe has nothing better to do with its time except confuse and upset creators.

In all previous incantations of the program, when you exported your project from your timeline, the program would default to in-out. Now, Adobe just acts dumb and exports your entire project.


Yesterday, I exported what i thought were 4 seperate sections of an action sequence. I should have known i was in trouble when I saw each file was the exact length.

Today my sfx guy emailed me to let me know all four files I sent were the same one.


Yeah, my fault for not double checking. It was a long day, I was trying to get done, and prior to this point, I could be reasonably assured that Premiere pro would produce as usual.

Not when the peeps at Adobe decide "hey, lets do an update!"


For the love of baby Jesus, can ya'll slow down on trying to impress us with your all too frequent updates?


Sometimes you need to leave a good thing alone.

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