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MediaEncoder CC - JPEG2000 MXF and MOV Settings Clarification Please

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Jan 25, 2017 Jan 25, 2017

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My goal is to transcode an Uncompressed 8-bit YCrCb QT (525i29.97) LOSSLESSLY, to JPEG 200 MXF OP1a and/or JPEG 2000 QuickTime, but there are a few specs about these codecs that I cannot find information on.

For JPEG 2000 MXF OP1a:

1. What do "Broadcast Profile" and "Tiling" settings do? Default profile is Level 5 and Tiling default is "Single". If settings are left on default, will this still produce a lossless transcode?

2. Is there any way to maintain field order of an interlaced source on this codec? (Codec automatically selects progressive output even though it shows my source is interlaced, and the option to change this setting is grayed out.)

3. Are there any settings that specifically ensure output will be lossless?

For QuickTime JPEG 2000:

1. If Quality setting is set to 100, does that necessarily mean output will be lossless?







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