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Premiere to Media Encoder - Preparing Audio (x of 3611)

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Oct 17, 2018 Oct 17, 2018

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Hey folks. I just updated to the new 2019 Creative Cloud. I am encoding my first project since the update. When I export out of Premiere, everything appears the same and completely normal. When I am in Media Encoder, everything seems normal as well. When I hit Start Queue (green play button) It tells me that is has to prepare 3611 audio files. I don't even have 3000 assets in the project. I literally have no idea where to begin to triage with this project.

One thing I did was to start a new project, then imported the project I am working on into it. My thought would be that it would properly index the project files, eliminating any sort of issues. What it did was reassign many of my audio files. I have to go beck, use Replace Footage, and reassign most of the audio. Why, I don't know. When I went to export out of this new project with the old project opened in it, Media Encoder tells me the same thing - Preparing Audio (x of 3611). Then it just chugs away at preparing this magical 3611 audio files.

What went wrong and how do I fix it? I don't even know how to properly ask so as to search through the forums or FAQ.

Thanks for your help.







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