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Re: Media Encoder v14.9 is now available!

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Mar 06, 2021 Mar 06, 2021

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It's garbage. i can attest to it.

An error that has plagued us for months upon months now, and Adobe has choose to ignore it. I know of multiple people contacting support directly, and months later, guess what. The issue is still there.

Why are we paying for this? Can we get discounts for discounted services? Adobe? Care to comment?

In regards to the "Encoding Failed Component: H.264 of type Exporter Selector: 9 Error code: 3" which has been an issue since Oct. 2020, can be remedied easily. Instead of Adobe doing their due dilegence, I have a good work around that seems to help.

Just got a brand new computer. i9x-10980x with 3080 and 64GB of ddr4. Everything is on the same drive and it's a SSD.

Rendered my first video and WALA, got the error. Reduced my Media encoder version to 14.5 and it has rendered 2 3GB + videos perfectly.

ADOBE! We have to create workarounds for a program we pay 20+ dollars a month for! If one of my clients had an issue with something i gave them, say in October of 2020, and I have not fixed it or even really acknowledged it by March 2021... yeah, you guessed it. I would be fired.

Get your **** together ok? Quit adding features we dont want or need and fix what is wrong now.






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