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Render times have EXPLODED! what have you done?

Community Beginner ,
Aug 03, 2020 Aug 03, 2020

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This is insanity. Adobe you have destroyed Premiere/Media Encoder.

Here is a very detailed rundown of our exact set up that we have been running for YEARS.

Computer: Windows 10 (up to date), Intel i9-7940x @3.10 GHz, 3- GeForce 1080Ti (up to date drivers), 128GB Ram.  Running to dedicated 10G Ethernet 160TB SSD/Raid server (transfer speeds exceed 250mb/sec).

We author in 4K x 4K Dome format. Our files are massive. All source content is 4K x 4K frame sequences usually TIF or PNG image sequence call ups. 

From Premiere: Render times for a 30 minute program, sent out as JPEG image sequences,  used to run approx 8-12 hours.....are now blown out to 175-200+ hours. WTFH??! This is truly INSANITY. 

2020 Premiere and Media Encoder are now an active threat to our productions. I have been fighting for the past 30+ days trying to render out ONE DAMN TIMELINE. 

Worse yet....once we "upgraded" to 2020...we can't step back down to 2019 to finish in FUNCTIONAL environment. 

Adobe -- seriously.... whatever you changed from CC2019 to 2020 Premiere/Encoder is NOT FUNCTIONAL. IT DOESNT WORK. Im writing JPEG Files like it was 1990.... 

Anyone know how to go backwards? Ive tried XML hacking the project file to trick it to update from a backwards state...but its not working. 

Error or problem , Export or render






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