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May 13, 2022 May 13, 2022

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Theoretically simple, but let's say I have a long sequence of repeat loops, with scripting in AE every 5 seconds as the loop repeats certain elements also change.


let's say this goes on for a while, and I have over a hundred different loops, I now need to split these into individual files.

I've looked around a bit and it seems that Media Encoder and Premiere don't have any way of automating this, I know I know place markers and split by markers but the actualy rendering would still involve manually selecting the duration of each loop, so if anything that's adding work rather than reducing it.

Is there any way within the Adobe ecosystem to just split a longer video into multiple 5 second files? This is something a few other video converters (some freeware) seem to have built in so it's curious that I can't find a way within the Adobe ecosystem.

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