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There is a problem with the pictures exported by AME that contain the "Basic Graphics" function, but exporting directly using PR is OK.

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Nov 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017

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Are the latest 2018CC version

Before I use the "old title" function as a text carrier, but I heard that the new "basic graphics" function is very easy to use, I went to try, it is really good and more stable, unlike before Easy to collapse.

However, the use of AME export will be a large number of screen errors, such as the location of pictures, text disorder, or even not directly.

The use of direct export PR without these problems.

AME is really a great tool for bulk export, but it seems I can not use it anymore. . .

The normal display of the picture is the use of PR export, abnormal that (squeezed on the left) is the AME export, this is a fatal problem.








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