Adobe Media Encoder CC import error importer returned bad result

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May 01, 2018 May 01, 2018

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Hi, I'm trying to turn a tiff frame sequence (EP200000.tif to EP234000.tif) into video using AME. The frames are 3840x2160 tiff with a bit depth of 16, and stored on a network drive. I'm attempting to encode using h.265 with footage interpreted at 23.976FPS but encoded at 60FPS. I previously performed a nearly identical procedure using a TARGA frame sequence and it completed successfully, so I'm not entirely sure what the issue is here.


- Encoding Time: 00:00:15

05/02/2018 12:20:55 AM : Encoding Failed


Export Error

Error compiling movie.

Import Error

Importer returned bad result.

Writing with exporter: HEVC (H.265)

Writing to file: \\?\C:\Users\user\Desktop\VIDEO.mp4

Writing file type: HEVC

Around timecode: 00:00:00:00

Reading with importer: ImporterTiff

Reading from file: \\SERVER\File Storage\V-out\EP200000.tif

Reading file type: TIFF

Rendering at offset: 0.000 seconds

Component: ImporterTiff of type Importer

Selector: 47

Error code: 1







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