Adobe Media Encoder not working with Animate 2021

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Feb 23, 2021 Feb 23, 2021

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I was working with Adobe Animate CC 2020 and tried to export an mp4 through media encoder (the only way I can export an mp4 from the app) and it opened AME, but the file never showed up in the queue window as if I'd normally opened AME without exporting anything. This had never happened before, and I didn't install any updates for my computer or the apps themselves since I had last successfully exported an mp4 through AME. I've spent the last couple hours doing everything from updating my computer (a Macbook Pro 2017, currently running on macOS Catalina but as I'm writing this I'm downloading macOS Big Sur to see if it fixes it somehow) to updating AME and Animate to their most recent 2021 versions, messing with and eventually resetting the settings in both (and testing it all throughout to reach the same result, a blank queue), uninstalling and reinstalling both apps, killing dynamiclinkmanager activity (recommended in a seperate article) and everything in between to try and fix it. I've sifted through 20 or so articles on both this site and others on the same issue but all of them with different apps than Animare (Premiere and After Effects were all I found) and the main solution for those were using the "Add After Effects Composition"/"Add Premiere Pro Sequence" options in AME so they could upload editing files directly into AME. However, there is no option like that for Animate, and FLA files aren't compatible with AME unless they are exported through Animate (trust me, I tried). I would try SWF files (they are compatible with AME to my knowledge), but those include hidden layers in the export, and I need to keep some layers hidden but don't want to delete them (which is why mp4 exports had been so convenient, as you can export an mp4 that excludes hidden layers). I'm at a complete loss at this point and it seems to be an issue only with Macbook Pros from what I've seen. What can I do to be able to export mp4s like normal again and have them pop up in AME? I could really use some help- I can't export anything out of Animate as of now and it's backing up some work. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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