AME CC2017 crashes mid-encode

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Nov 24, 2017 Nov 24, 2017

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Running PC, Windows 7, Nvidia 670 (I think), 16gb RAM, AME/Premiere 2017

AME quits encoding when I come to the same point in my timeline every time I try, according to the viewport. I used the crop effect with a small scale with two still images then moved in a third still image with a crop over the top of the first two. I get the "baa baa haa" sheep sound every time. I can tell my computer starts to work harder during the first two. It encodes the first two, then gets through most of the third still image then quits. I did something very similar for a project a few years ago in CC2015 and had no problems then.

I used two other stills with a crop (no motion) earlier in the timeline and they rendered fine. I've used these stills from the same camera with the same resolution hundreds of times with no problems. This specific issue seems to be with the motion of the crops.

I've seen a handful of suggestions over the past three years, but now one thing from Adobe providing a concrete response to anyone's issue. I'm not really into sending a trouble ticket to them since they'll never respond. Plus, every other person who've claimed to have filed a ticket has never responded with help from Adobe anyway. I've tried:

- moving all video up one track and placing a new black layer beneath

- creating a new PP project (2017) and importing the timeline into the new project

- cleaned out the cache in preferences

Anyone have any ideas or guidance?

Thanks to all.

Update...I removed the effects on the files in question and the encoding went off without a hitch...but I want the effects, it looks good that way. What good is an effect if it can't be exported? What gives?








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