Can AME encode multiple video streams into one file?

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Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 2017

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There are probably other ways to solve this problem, and I am very open to suggestions on it. I'll describe what I'm trying to do ...

Presently, I'm creating a bunch of "how to" videos. On one computer, I am capturing the screen at 4K. On a second computer, I am capturing a webcam and audio of what is happening.

There are many tools that allow recording like this for YouTube or Twitch. I have looked at several of them, but the end result seems to always be a "mixed" stream of encoded video. I don't want the webcam overlay all the time, and maybe I want to change it in post-production. So, this requires two separate recordings.

It seems to me that a single encoder could record two separate video streams to an MP4 (or even MKV container if necessary). Then I would have my audio and two video streams in sync. As it stands, when I pull them into After Effects, the videos and audio are wildly out of sync. I compensate for this by using about 45 seconds of video at a time - before the audio gets notably out of sync ... and then adjust audio on the next 45 seconds by a fraction of a second ... and so on. This makes the process of creating a 15-minute video in After Effects an absolute nightmare.

I'm certainly not the first person to have this issue. How have others solved it?

Having the single recording would solve the sync issue, but would still have to be split into components by some other tool for use in After Effects. So it isn't great, but it is better than what I have now.







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