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OCR works only on printed documents, not on LCD display

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Jun 06, 2019 Jun 06, 2019

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Hi there everyone!

I've gleefully been using Adobe Scan to digitize business cards since it received the business card option, and it works quite well. However, I find myself wanting to scan e-mail signatures as business cards quite often, which works perfectly as long as they're printed on paper.

If I take a picture of the on-screen signtaure with Adobe Scan, the OCR recognizes nothing at all. If I print that same e-mail and scan off of paper, everything is recognized perfectly. The image taken directly off the screen is legible but has noticable moire, which I assume is the culprit. Even if I zoom in on the e-mail signature so that it fills an entire 24" monitor before taking a photo of it, Adobe Scan can't recognize it. I've tried a bunch of different LCDs and it's the same on all of them.

Any chance there might be a way to work around this issue? I'd really prefer not to print stuff just to turn around and digitize it again...

-edit- One workaround would be to take a screenshot of the e-mail signature on the phone itself - but I can't figure out how to tell Adobe Scan to recognize a gallery image as a business card - this option only seems to be available when using the camera to capture documents.

An example from my monitor:


Printed version:








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