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Upside down page in pdf file. Rotated and saved but still upside down. How to solve this problem?

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Feb 22, 2020 Feb 22, 2020

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I use adobe scan on my Samsung Galaxy S8 for school and I have to turn in lab reports weekly. Resently I've had a problem with the first page showing up upside down. When I go to fix it by rotating it, it will show up right side up from the home screen and when downloaded or tapped on it will still be upside down or will just remain upside down without pretending to be right side up in the home screen. I'm not sure if this is just the modifications just not going through or if its something else. I don't believe I am scaning them upside down because the rest of the pages are fine. I hope there is an easy fix because I like how easy this app is for me to turn things in, but if I cant find a solution I will get points off for turning things upside down and will have to use something else. And when I use the term "home screen" I mean the page where you can see all your scans. Also all my first pages are graphing notebook paper, maybe thats the issue? I still think me modifying it to be right side up and that not happening would still be an issue though. 

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