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Broken Links for Components between Library&Master File, Participants cannot edit Source Components

New Here ,
Nov 18, 2021 Nov 18, 2021

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Aloha XD Community!

My colleagues and I seem to have hit a snag working with our XD Files. Here's the scenario:
We have a published Library file where all the necessary components are defined. We also have a design file that is linked to this library, where we're using the components from the library. When one of our colleagues hosted these two linked files on the cloud yesterday and invited us to edit, we noticed that the component links between the two files were all broken. Ruth (@ruth_berlin_2021) spent a good three hours reestablishing the links between them. Although Ruth had updated the library and was able to see the Green link status on the top-left corner of the components, on my end I still saw the broken links highlighted in Red. I didn't find any highlighted in Blue, which normally suggests that there's been an update. Here are a few observations that are quite concerning and critical for us at the moment, and I'd love to hear from you all:

  1. Why are Ruth and I looking at the exact same components in the exact same files, but in different states (Linked and Unlinked)?

  2. Although Ruth reestablished the links to the library, when she right-clicks and selects "Edit Main in Source Document", it does not redirect to the source component on the library file, but rather just highlights the local instance and layers on the left panel within the current design file.

  3. Me being a participant on the same file, the "Edit Main in Source Document" option is frozen when I right-click on a component. Since my colleagues and I are collaboratively working to put these components together, we'd all like to have similar access rights. 

  4. Ideally, how should we reestablish the links for components across these two files?

    To validate these issues, I created two test files this morning- TestLibrary and TestPages. I defined a component in the TestLibrary, published it, and invited Ruth to Edit. I also invoked an instance of the same component on the TestPages file. When I right-click and select "Edit Main in Source Document", I am redirected to the source component in the TestLibrary file. But for Ruth, this option is frozen and she cannot edit the source component. 

    Any help and advice would be much appreciated. I noticed a few threads with similar discussions, but not exactly with the same issues we're facing. We believe this is a known issue (considering other threads discussing broken component links). We'd like to resolve this, so our team can collaboratively continue working on it while also seeing updates that are consistent with all of us. Happy to provide any more info if needed.

    Slightly OT, but another observation was- Only the Owner of the file can generate a link to share. In our case,  the Owner of these files is not assigned to this project full-time, but rather overseeing the overall agreement with the Client from a management perspective. Ruth and I being the participants, we'd like to generate the links as well. Ruth is working with the Design team and she'd like them to review the file without giving them Edit rights. I'm working closely with the Devs and I'd like to give them a link with the Development View, without giving them Edit rights as well. Going back to the owner for the links seems counterproductive when we throught about it from a collaboration perspective.

    Thanks, and stay healthy folks!
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Adobe Employee ,
Dec 10, 2021 Dec 10, 2021

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Hello Nitish,


Thankyou for reporting the issue. There are few rules when you work on Library co-editing.

1. When Owner invites Collaborators to library should give Can Edit access , which is Can view by default. Need to switch while inviting.

2. Owner should share "Library file" as well with Collaborators, so that they see proper linked component instead of broken linked ones.

3. If any of collaborator will re-publish the library through shared source file, all other will have broken links. So, try to avoid that, as it can cause mess.

4. However, there is option to relink the old published library in Library manager to get back linked components. 

Please try in this manner once and let us know if it doesn't workout for you. 


Thank you,

Anita Subedi






Community guidelines
Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more
community guidelines