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Can I setup a Button Component To Open a new Window Layer (not Overlay Modal)

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Jun 29, 2023 Jun 29, 2023

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Hello I hope i explain this correctly but i have a button component that will be called Smart Text.

When the user clicks on the button I want it to open a window to the top right that will give them options for the smart text. when the window is open I still want users to be able to click around and use other features for example still be able to type on the contract etc..


Smart text Screenshot

Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 6.51.26 PM.png

Screenshot of Smart Field Window


Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 6.52.02 PM.png


1st I tried to create a button that links to a overlay canvas but the problem with this method is when you click the button and it opens the overlay window only that window scrolls (I'm sure there is a way to fix this) and THE MAJOR PROBLEM is you cant click anywhere else outside of the window and if you do it closes that window. 





2nd I tried to put the right Smart Field window inside the Smart Field Button and have the layer turned on using "Default States" and just turn on the layer on the "new State" but the problem with this is when I move the button around it would move the smart field window also. I want the smart field window to stay in same place no matter where the button is.



3rd I might have to go with this option unless there is a better way. Basically I just copy the whole canvas and just turn on the Smart Field window layer on the new canvas. And I will link the button to the new canvas. This is fun but I have 2 different types of contracts and I would hate have to copy each contract twice.


Not the end of the world but I'm always trying to be better at xd use the best methods so if there is a better way of doing this please let me know. 




I also attached the file. If anyone knows a better way or easier / more efficient way of doing this please let me know. I also attached the file as well.


NOTE: I tried to attach the xd file but adobe wont let me know. Hopefully this is ok but here is the download link.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/sh6kfrwn8jrktiv/Contract-Right_Window_Smart_Field-%20Local_File.xd?dl=0


Thank you! 



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